Wednesday, October 12, 2011


That's right people! There's a brand spanking new site. Please update your bookmarkls with



The new episode features interviews with Johnathan Walker from THE THING 2011, and HELLBOY himself, Mr. Ron Perlman.
We also launch a bunch of new columns, and welcome past guest David Del Valle to the fold as an official member of The Night Crew.

Upcoming guests include 70's maverick directors Monte Hellman, Frank Henenlotter, author Joe R. Lansdale, actress Karen Black, and many others. It's growing. And it wants to eat your soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That;'s right, all the action is now at WWW.THENIGHTCREW.ORG

This page will close very, very soon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 13 - Season's End With Art Hindle And Steven Quale

Well, here we are at the end of the long road we call “Season 1” of THE NIGHT CREW. It’s been a wild ride. What started out as a simple desire to share a bit of the knowledge-base some of our very talented friends had… has now blossomed to the exciting project you are hopefully now listening to on a regular basis.

It’s been a steep learning curve, but… with the help of our friends and the support of our listeners, we’ve managed to pull together a pretty interesting series of pod casts, if I do say so myself. None of us ever really thought we’d be actually subjecting an audience to our voices, but here we are. And people seem to be responding in a very kind way. Yes, there have been some technical glitches along the way, but we’re working them out and we appreciate both your patience and indulgence.

With this, Episode 13, we have some regular features such as Andrew Mack’s Twitch News of the Week and Sean and my What We’ve Been Watching, but we also see our first column, Phillip Nutman’s Wild Western Movies Primer, come to its conclusion with a group discussion on the similarities shared between the Western and the Japanese Chambara film. Also, along for this ride, we have Chris Alexander and his More MORE Than A Minute to round things out.

But we also have brought in some terrific celebrity interviews such as the great Art Hindle (THE BROOD, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS) and director Stephen Quayle (FINAL DESTINATION 5). Both men share a bit of their knowledge and experience and we are grateful for their doing so.

Looking forward, we have a lot of new things planned for the pod cast. New columns, New features. A new web site. A new release schedule. It’s gonna be great!

So, as we gather up some more cool segments and get our web site up and running, we’re taking a short hiatus, but we’ll be back in a week or two. Please keep your eyes on this blog and on our FaceBook page. In the interim, please go back and listen to any of the episodes you might have missed. There’s crammed with info and some very cool interviews.

And… they have personality!

So thanks for supporting us and keep watching the skies… or your web browser… for more of…


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Check out THE VIEWING LIST below. Trailers, clips, and other exciting treats for your eyeballs.

R.I. P. George Kuchar, you will be missed, but never forgotten.

Friday, August 5, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 12 - Michael Biehn: Apocalyptic Bad Ass

Good things are worth waiting for, and in this unexpectedly delayed episode of The Night Crew (apologies listeners! no worries though, we aint goin' nowhere!) we finally have the opportunity to introduce new staffer Jessica Dwyer. If you are a horror geek, her name indeed may already be familiar to you. She is a writer over at Horror Hound magazine, where she's been a scribe since the second issue. She knows her stuff, trust in that, and we are really happy to have her. Rocking. Jessica and I talk about the work of 70's terror television maverick Dan Curtis, including the recently announced remakes of his hallowed horrors, and we examine a couple of titles in particular, his adaption of Dracula, and his often overlooked, and incredibly creepy The Norliss Tapes. Thom comes to the party with that uber bad ass, actor Michael Biehn. Yep. John Connor's Dad beotches! he's in the house to talk about his new post-apocalyptic trip in director Xavier Gens' The Divide, which is looking mighty good if you ask me.

Of course we have Andrew Mack with a still timely dose of Twitch News Of The Week, Philip Nutman, aka The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy, kicks up his spurs once again, talking the new micro-budget western, The Scarlett Worm. More you ask? Well, last but not least, our own Toronto treasure, Fangoria edotir-in-chief Chris Alexander crosses his fingers for Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes to hold true to the good word on the street.

It's mean! It's lean! It's HELLA late! It's episode 12 of The Night Crew!


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 11 - It's A Home Invasion Party!

This week, The Crew come bursting through your doors brandishing coverage from NYC contributor Heather Buckley, who speaks with KIDNAPPED director Miguel Ángel Vivas, currently racking up festival awards for his brutal and controversial thriller.

Thom and I also break down two other out-of-the-box home invasion films of yesteryear, BECAUSE OF THE CATS from 1973, and the John Huston classic from 1948, KEY LARGO. We are also joined by author Lorelie Shannon, who discusses her new book POSSUM KINGDOM with us.

Of course the usual suspects of Toronto based bad-ass Andrew Mack with his Twitch News, author Philip Nutman with his Wild Western Films Primer, and FANGORIA editor-in-chief Chris Alexander, all phone home with their respective and cherished contributions. Plus, the always present battery of trailers, tunes, and buffoonery. It's crack for insomniac geeks, that show from the fiery depths below...The Night Crew.


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 11 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Some of the films discussed this episode  -

Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 10" - The Not Safe For Work Special

General debauchery and lecherous behavior permeates the atmosphere of The Night Crew this episode like a musty and musky Saturday night at Plato's Retreat. Sean and Thom swing hard this episode, talking cinema in general with both Lee The G, and Andrew "Sir Mack" The Mack. Lee also discusses his new play, The King Of Bangor, a reality blurring take on the life of Stephen King, now running in Melbourne, AU, and the Mack brings another heapin' helpin' of hotness courtesy of the Twitch news Of the Week. Of course, that filthy little Brit known as "Uncle" Phil Nutman shows up, this week to talk about Spaghetti Western legend, Sergio Corbucci and his output of gritty, grimy, sweaty dirt operas, plus, the usual orgy pit of trailers, music, and smack talk writhes away It's hot to trot and freer than sex with a hippy, it's episode 10" of -


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Thursday, June 30, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 9 - Writer/Director Simon Rumley

Yep. Almost into double digits here on the Night Crew podcast. Next week marks 10 squared. 11 really, if you count episode 0 at the beginning of all...er...this! Next week won't only mark episode 10, the first in what will hopefully be many "deca's" we mark off, it will also signal a little bit of a step up, in the guise of a button fixed to the face of the web page of the very hallowed and venerable FANGORIA magazine. Hopefully that will help kick numbers up a notch. Make no mistake, we want you to please pass this show onto your friends. Soon enough you'll see our ugly mugs in Fangoria too, so neener neener, have fun with that. We are going to start kicking at the industry and fandom alike, with t-shirts and ad's and all that hoo hah rock band like hype. Because that's what this is, more than anything, it's a band of freaks who live to immerse themselves in art of all forms. Our notoriety is your eyeball damage. But! What we take away from you ever being able to look upon any other fleshy thing again, hopefully we give back to you tenfold, with the golden graces of the collective wit and knowledge that is the Night Crew, as they flow from computer speaker to human eardrum?


Eh. Ok. Fair enough I suppose.

Anyway, harumph, moving on...We are very happy to have our regular Twitch contributor Andrew Mack  back from a short hiatus, as well as yet another Twitchey cohort, our Man From Hong Kong, James Marsh, reporting from...well...HONG KONG! The two clowns we call Philip Nutman and Chris Alexander, aka The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy and Boss respectively, chime in with their weekly contributions on westerns and whatever weird shit happens to surface.
We are also extremely happy to finally have on the writer/director of one of the absolutely most amazing films of 2010, the caustic, unflinching, and extremely mature RED, WHITE & BLUE, mister Simon Rumley. We also talk about Simon's earlier work, including another favorite of mine, THE LIVING AND THE DEAD. Mr. Rumley has a very true eye for character, and even when plumbing the absolute lowest depths of the human condition, he still manages to find that place where the truth rests. A serious talent, and a pleasure to sit with for the show.

Also, it's Harryhausen's birthday today (June 29, 2011) The master is 91. RESPECT IT!

Plus, the usual mish mash of weird music, trailers, and in a bid to nab yet another demographic, I air my dirty love laundry. So click in, because we be keepin' it real ma! On The Night Crew.


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 9 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Here is a cool ass video some fan cut together of all of Harryhausen's creatures on one reel. Enjoy! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 8 - The Del Valle That Ate Hollywood!!!

Yep. Sean "The Butcher" here, and we had to have our pal David Del Valle back for a quick encore. We had so much fun talking to this wonderful author, journalist, and historian of all things cinematic a couple episodes back that we had to have him on again, and right quick. Mr. Del Valle updates us on the Pricentennial, a St. Louis event in honor of what would have been the venerable thespian's 100'th birthday, which he hosted along with Miss Victoria Price. Our chat touches on some tender subjects, but we hope you listener's understand how truly we all love Mr. Price. Not only for his contributions to the world of stage and cinema, but also to the arts as a whole. An altruist and an absolute gentleman, we are honored to have someone who knew him well take the time to sit with us, and tell us about a Master we no longer have the dream of meeting someday.

We are also very excited to finally introduce to you our Melbourne, Australia contributor Lee Gambin. Lee is a regular contributor to FANGORIA Magazine, and runs the Sissies And Sluts Theater group, a goofy, gory, and dangerously smart bunch of people running amok on the stage floors of Melbourne. A creative dynamo, we are super proud to call Lee one of The Night Crew, and sincerely look forward to giving him a forum in which to rant from his mouth to your lucky ears.
Be afraid.
Be very, very afraid.
We talk with lee about his background, and then get into a double feature slam, in which this time around we discuss two very renowned rock musicals. THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE from 1975, and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA from 2008. We are bound to piss some people off, and make some people laugh. Hearts and a hornets nest with this one folks.

Also, as usual, we also have author Philip Nutman kicking up dirt with his Wild Wild Westerns Primer column, this week going back to the original version of TRUE GRIT featuring The Duke. Also, FANGORIA editor-in-chif Chris Alexander treads dangerous waters this week with his Movie-MORE-Than-A-Minute, as he waxes nostalgic about that aquatic atrocity from '83, JAWS 3-D!!! As if that wasn't enough to make a monkey masturbate, Thom and I discuss what we've been watching over the past week or so, commenting on J.J. Abrams' SUPER 8, the documentary INSIDE JOB, Matthew Vaughn's triumphant X-MEN FIRST CLASS, bad-ass Jason Statham in THE MECHANIC, and others. Sadly, an idiot lineman and a little bit of fate intervened, and we will not be having the TWITCH News Of The Week. Andrew mack's cable line was cut through by an overzealous phone company worker, and TWITCH main man Todd Brown was knocked out of pinch hitting due to the stormy temper of Mother Nature. So, even though they are indeed missed, TWITCH and Andrew Mack will return next week.

So sally forth, and enjoy episode 8...of THE NIGHT CREW!


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 8 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 7 - HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN's Jason Eisener and TROLLHUNTERS' Andre Ovredal

Yup. It's Sean "The Butcher" Smithson here, and it is true. We are finally back, and oh dear listeners, how we have missed you here on The Night Crew!  Thom and I took a couple weeks off to do a bunch of live work at Crypticon Seattle, and then another couple to wrap our heads around the oncoming onslaught that is summer and fall. No worries, we also devised a plan so we never leave you wonderful people without our presence for so long.

You'll see. Next time we take a short break from the heavenly hell that is doing a weekly podcast heavy on content. Hehehehe *evil laughter*

So, moving on and getting back into the swing, tonight we are very happy to have two new up-coming directors, Jason Eisener, the Canadian maleficent responsible for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, as well as Andre Ovredal, the man behind the twisted, live action fractured fairy tale, TROLLHUNTER. Those interviews are brought to The Night Crew by our amazing and wonderful NYC correspondent. Miss Heather Buckley. Thom and I recap Crypticon, as well as talk about what we watched on our "vacation". Our FANGORIA brothers Philip Nutman and Chris Alexander return with the respective columns, and Andrew Mack chimes in with our regular TWITCH NEWS .

Stay tuned, because in the coming episodes you will be introduced to the very patient rest of The Night Crew. Mr. Lee Gambin out in Melbourne, AU, Miss Jessica Dwyer, Stateside from her Oregon compound, and a possible couple others, will be joining the fray very, very soon.

So be afraid. Be very afraid.


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Friday, May 13, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 6 - with David Del Valle

This time out, Thom and Sean The Butcher discuss some of the recent stuff they've been watching, Andrew Mack returns with the Twitch News Of The Week, Phillip Nutman aka The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy rides back in to throw out some love for The Proffessionals, and old time Hollywood expert and devout "Monster Kid" author David Del Valle dishes up recollections and tosses some divine dirt around about his time spent in the presence of some of THE greats of moviedom.
We also discuss David's new book LOST HORIZONS BENEATH THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN  where "David Del Valle, writer, curator, collector, and Hollywood historian, takes you on a first person tour of the man-made Shangri La beneath the Hollywood sign, ultimately descending into the smog-shrouded netherworld of Lost Horizons. His candid recollections prove to be a celebration of contrasts, as David hangs out with the reigning pop culture icons of the day, Timothy Leary, Christopher Isherwood, Terry Southern, and Kenneth Anger. David maintained a life-long passion for those artisans that created the Horror genre. He grew up as a monster-watching kid of the 1950s, watching those films unfold on television, and his interactions with genre personalities like Vampira, John Carradine, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Steele testify to his devotion to their legacy. The book also delves into his long relationships with Vincent Price and Curtis Harrington during twenty-five years of living in Beverly Hills, as well as unforgettable moments such as introducing Hermione Baddeley to the Avant Garde filmmaker Rainer Fassbinder in a West Hollywood leather bar while Martha Raye searched her purse for poppers. Ken Russell, one of David's favorite directors, was fond of reminding David "Every day in Tinsle town is Halloween." Enter the realm of Lost Horizons and discover that you are no longer a tourist. You are now one of the attractions."

Also. for some seriously prime reading, check David's web world outlets at THE DEL VALLE ARCHIVES blogspot, and over at Films In Review where his CAMP DAVID column is running. Seriously people, click over, it's addicting stuff, and you won't find anything else quite like it anywhere. You can trust this is not the last time you will be hearing Mr. Del Valle here on our show!


Plus we have the usual selection of schizophrenic music, trailers, and all the goofball antics that can only mean one thing...you are on THE NIGHT CREW!

If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 6 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Night Crew episode 5 - STAKE LAND!!!

Hide your liquor, and oput on protective gear because The Night Crew are back. After battling infectious disease, viral entities, and screwy ftp shenanigans, it seems that our special brand of depravity is indeed unstoppable.
This episode we are very proud and extremely happy to bring you listeners a show dedicated to the release of the new film STAKE LAND, an insaneley entertaining vampire apocalypse flick courtesy of writer/director Jim Mickle and co-writer/star Nick Damici. These two blew a hole in indy horror with their first feature film together, MULBERRY ST., and now with this sophomore effort they raise the stakes (har har) and really show what can be done on a small budget with creative direction and a good cast. STAKE LAND made the number one spot of my Top Ten at TWITCH FILM last season, and I really hope the world catches on to what I already know. Which would be the creative team of Mickle and Damici are a force to be reckoned with. Mark my words.

Also joining us are cast members Connor Paolo (from television's Gossip Girl, but you've never seen him like this), genre icon and all-around cool cat Danielle Harris, actor Sean Nelson (who you may remember as "Fresh" from the film of the same name), and genre lover Michael Cerveris who plays the baddie in STAKE LAND.

Plus, to throw a couple of extra garlic cloves into the salad, Thom and I reminisce about our favorite vampire films and share memories of a vampire obsessed childhood, and the lovable Mars Homeworld (of Dead House Music) calls in with a report on vampires and how they've changed throughout history.

All the regular columns will return next week, and we will be introducing new contributors Lee Gambin (Fangoria magazine) and Jessica Dwyer (Horror Hound magazine) over the next couple of weeks. next episode join us for a discussion with old Hollywood expert/author/all around awesome guy David Del Valle. You wanna hear some good stories about Tinseltown? Then you won't want to miss this one, trust me. This guy...is a cornucopia of walking history.

So grab a mop and help start cleaning up all this blood we spilled on The Night Crew - Operation: STAKE LAND.


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 5 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 4 with Takashi Miike and Eric Red

Well, it's been one crazy week +, here at The Night Crew headquarters. We had a technical mishap that caused this episode to come in over the finish line late as hell, but when you see what we've brought home, we think you will be happy to have waited. Your patience, oh dear and valued listeners, is rewarded with a major coup in the form of a very rare audio interview with Japanese director extraordinaire, Takashi Miike. The man needs no introduction, legendary for his prolific and varied output, Mr. Miike is the man behind a massive grip of outright classics. ICHI THE KILLER. AUDITION. The DEAD OR ALIVE trilogy. FUDOH. THE GREAT YOKAI WARS. And the recent and critically acclaimed 13 ASSASSINS. It is more than an honor to have him with us, and our immense thanks goes to Mr. Miike and his people, as well as Andrew Mack, who did the piece, and Todd Brown at Twitch (one of our "parent" sites) who has been so gracious as to release it for your listening pleasure. It's raw and unedited, but well worth it. We figured it best to just leave that magical 30 minutes alone.
If that isn't already enough, we also have genre stalwart writer/director Eric Red joining our own Philip Nutman for some extra western movies love. You'll remember Eric as the driving force behind ass kickers like NEAR DARK, THE HITCHER, BAD MOON, COHEN AND TATE, and the recent 100 FEET. Wether it's writing. directing, or oth, Mr. Red always delivers solid scares and fun flicks. Watch this man's movies...or I kick you in zee nuts!
Todd Brown also joins James Marsh in a discussion of a couple more titles from the recent Hong Kong International Film Festival, Thom and Sean The Butcher discuss what they've been checking out over the past week, Phil, The Worlds Most Unlikely Cowboy returns once again, and our beloved Fangoria bossman, editor-in-chief Chris Alexander, takes time from preparing his lovely boy Elliot some lunch, to discuss the finer points of James Wan's INSIDIOUS.

Enter freely...and of your own will!


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 4 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

                   MIIKE IS IN THE HOUSE AND ON THE NIGHT CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode Three with...YOUR FACE!

This episode we keep it basic, as The Crew gears up for a couple of big shows to follow. Your hosts Sean The Butcher and Thom Carnell discuss what has been making their "big toe wiggle" over the last week. Andrew Mack brings some international cinema news from the wonderful TWITCH FILM. New York and London correspondents Heather Buckley and Gareth Jones bring the quiet storm with a double feature discussion of Monster Mash flicks WAXWORKS 2 and HIGHWAY TO HELL. Author, madman, and "The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy" Philip Nutman continues his Wild Wild Westerns primer. Then last, but not least, FANGORIA editor-in-chief Chris Alexander bends time with his iron will and biting insight with the Movie Minute: Extended Edition, in which he discusses Italian horror.
Toss in trailers, goofball antics, music, and that endearing lisp of Sean's yet again and it can only be one thing... THE NIGHT CREW!


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 3 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Watch images and trailers from the shows latest news and what The Crew have been watching below.

Go HERE for more images at TWITCH FILM for BLIND ALLEY!



                              ROBERT MORGAN'S BOBBY YEAH



                      2 ATTACK THE BLOCK CLIPS!



         Joann Sfar's THE RABBI'S CAT Comes To Life

                                      THIS WEEK 
                               HEATHER BUCKLEY NYC
                                  GARETH JONES U.K.
                                      BRING YOU


                    THOM CARNELL'S 
                 VIEWS OF THE WEEK 

                 SEAN THE BUTCHER'S
                 VIEWS OF THE WEEK

      ANDREW'S VIEW OF THE WEEK                 







Thursday, March 31, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode Two with Steven R. Monroe

Welcome back to the Night Crew for episode two! We are a little bit late crossing the finish line with this weeks episode, and getting a little closer to knowing what the hell we are doing. The meat on the menu this time around includes an interview  with I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE redux director Steven R. Monroe, Thom Carnell and Sean "The Butcher" Smithson chop it up about what they've been viewing in the past week, and get into three movies about assholes from outer space, and the Alien Threat. There is also the Man from Hong Kong himself, James Marsh phoning in about his ongoing orgiastic Hong Kong International Film Festival experience, Andrew Mack drops in with his Twitch news of the week, and author Philip Nutman begins his weekly primer series on western flicks. Of course it is all Spackled and polished with random bits of insanity and goofing off, but har har, we are our own bosses...we can be insane and goof all we want to...fuck the world! We are THE NIGHT CREW!


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode Two of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

THE ALIEN THREAT - Three Movies About Assholes From Outer Space

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode One with Brian Trenchard-Smith

The first official episode is here kiddies! We are still working out the kinks, so bare with us, but have it cinefreaks. Hide your parents and small animals! This week The Mack brings news that has been dropping at our parent site, Twitch Film, over the past week. Then we are joined once again by the inimitable James Marsh, in our weekly 3Dip. This time around Thom, Andrew, and James discuss the finer points of East meets West buddy pictures. The Man From Hong Kong, The Challenge, and Black Rain all go up on the block for a critical (and not so critical) look at how they compare, and which ones should sit on your video shelf. After that, it's The Man From Hong Kong director himself, the inimitable Aussie, hallowed action/exploitation director Brian Trenchard-Smith. Sean The Butcher and Thom pick Brian's brain about the aforementioned bi-cultural thrillfest, as well as some of his other work, including the amazing Siege At Firebase Gloria (now streaming on Netflix!) and his kids'n'BMX bikes classic BMX Bandits (just released in Blu Ray!!!) Give it up for Gareth Jones in London, who had the misfortune of being assigned attending the first ever UK installment of the After Dark horror festival (full of horrors and not a lot of festival from what we gather) As if that isn't enough, Mars Homeworld checks in with some breaking news, and Fangoria magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander checks in with his first Movie Minute, which is closer to five minutes really, but when you have a guy like Chris excited about a new film or TV series, you let him go. 'Aint no one complaining! Factor in music here and there, goofy sound bytes, bad audio mixing, and Sean's endearing lisp, and it could only be one show...


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Firefox users: To download, hold ALT before clicking, or right-click and choose to save the link if the file begins playing automatically.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, folks, the moment we've all been waiting for is here. Clean out your greasy ear holes and get ready for an introduction to the people behind "The Night Crew" - Episode 0 is here for your streaming pleasure!

In this episode meet some of the contributors, hear about upcoming Asian cinema, new TV you should be watching, get a triple dose of witchy goodness with a discussion on I Married A Witch/ Burn Witch Burn/Witchhammer, and get info on the recent HG Lewis documentary screening in NYC, and the Shinjuku Outlaw: 13 Films By Takashi Miike retrospective going on RIGHT NOW at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center. Also, hear the music of the damned, trailer interludes, and revel in the St. Vitus Dance for the ears that is THE NIGHT CREW!!!

And this isn't even an official episode! Look out for some way cool things coming up in future podcasts, and if you like what you hear (or even don't), let us know! Now, grab a beverage or inhalant of your choice, hit the play button below, sit back, and enjoy...

If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

Firefox users: To download, hold ALT before clicking, or right-click and choose to save the link if the file begins playing automatically.

Friday, March 11, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Introduction

Greetings victims. Welcome to the birthing of The Night Crew, a new multi-genre podcast centered around cinema culture. Staffed by some of the most knowledgeable film journalists in the business, TNC (The Night Crew) has contributors literally all over the world. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Seattle. New York City. Toronto. Hong Kong. London. We hope to be adding contributors from Tokyo and Spain as well very soon. We are also lucky to be joined by people such as writer and film producer Philip Nutman, and Fangoria editor-in-chief Chris Alexander, who will both ave ongoing "columns" here on TNC. Philip, The Unlikely Cowboy will doing a westerns film primer every episode, and Chris will be phoning in a capsule review of a film each week. Both add a special dash of magic and luncy to an already insane parade of professional movie geeks already half off their rockers. From assorted caves, dungeons, and undersea hideouts, we have Sean "The Butcher" Smithson (Fangoria/Twitch/Dread Central), Thom Carnell (Fangoria/Dread Central) James Marsh and Andrew Mack (Twitch), Heather Buckley (Fangoria/Dread Central), and Mars Homeworld (Dead House Music/Fangoria),  as core staff. Rounding out the proceeding will be the aforementioned sirs Nutman and Alexander, as well as Gareth Jones (Dread Central) and Sean Decker (Dread Central). As you see, there is no lack here of consummate pro's deeply immersed in the industry.

Given the nature of independent film distribution, and film festivals being the new "market" for our demographic, we here at TNC feel it is extremely important to have global staff, so we can bring you the latest and greatest as close to "real time" as we can get. Things to look forward to include coverage from the upcoming HKIFF (Hong Kong International Film Festival), exclusive interviews with some of the greatest in genre film-making, breaking news, in depth analysis of three films with some kind of connective tissue each episode, trailers, music mash-ups, and pretty much any other nutty stuff we can think up to entice, torment, and tickle you listeners with.

Please remember we are writers, not audio engineers, as well. We are learning as we go as far as the technical end of things, so bare with us, we promise it's going to only get better. Figuring out the site, server, RSS feed, converting files, editing...it's all been quite a task. regardless, our dedication to the art of cinema and the film going/watching experience is unequaled. The writers mantra is "Content content content", and one promise we can make to you now is that we indeed adhere to that.

Keep an eye open for updates. We will soon be announcing our roster of first round guests, and boy oh boy is it a doozy. Trust me. Directors, actors, make up FX artists, other renowned film jourono's and programmers. In a word, it's gonne be THE SHIT. Prepare yourselves.

As the show airs, please also feel free to email us your comments and suggestions at thenightcrewpodcast@gmail.com because we want your voice to be a part of the proceedings as well. TNC is taped and edited beforehand for the time being, and will drop on a weekly basis starting this coming Wednesday, March 16, 2011. Episode 0 is an extended introduction to our staff and contributors. After that, please check in weekly for new episodes. Again, we promise something very special. We are all very excited here at TNC. Please read the sites and contributors posts and articles, support the film going experience by getting out and putting ass-in-seat when there is something you feel is worth seeing, and keep your eyes peeled for anything you think may be good on the show. We are you. You are us.

So, at that, please enter freely and of your own will, and leave some of the happiness you bring behind. Come join us on The Night Crew.

~ The Butcher