Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 10" - The Not Safe For Work Special

General debauchery and lecherous behavior permeates the atmosphere of The Night Crew this episode like a musty and musky Saturday night at Plato's Retreat. Sean and Thom swing hard this episode, talking cinema in general with both Lee The G, and Andrew "Sir Mack" The Mack. Lee also discusses his new play, The King Of Bangor, a reality blurring take on the life of Stephen King, now running in Melbourne, AU, and the Mack brings another heapin' helpin' of hotness courtesy of the Twitch news Of the Week. Of course, that filthy little Brit known as "Uncle" Phil Nutman shows up, this week to talk about Spaghetti Western legend, Sergio Corbucci and his output of gritty, grimy, sweaty dirt operas, plus, the usual orgy pit of trailers, music, and smack talk writhes away It's hot to trot and freer than sex with a hippy, it's episode 10" of -


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 10 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

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  1. Hands down my favorite film podcast on the interwebz! Keep up the fantastic work guys!!!