Thursday, March 31, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode Two with Steven R. Monroe

Welcome back to the Night Crew for episode two! We are a little bit late crossing the finish line with this weeks episode, and getting a little closer to knowing what the hell we are doing. The meat on the menu this time around includes an interview  with I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE redux director Steven R. Monroe, Thom Carnell and Sean "The Butcher" Smithson chop it up about what they've been viewing in the past week, and get into three movies about assholes from outer space, and the Alien Threat. There is also the Man from Hong Kong himself, James Marsh phoning in about his ongoing orgiastic Hong Kong International Film Festival experience, Andrew Mack drops in with his Twitch news of the week, and author Philip Nutman begins his weekly primer series on western flicks. Of course it is all Spackled and polished with random bits of insanity and goofing off, but har har, we are our own bosses...we can be insane and goof all we want to...fuck the world! We are THE NIGHT CREW!


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THE ALIEN THREAT - Three Movies About Assholes From Outer Space

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode One with Brian Trenchard-Smith

The first official episode is here kiddies! We are still working out the kinks, so bare with us, but have it cinefreaks. Hide your parents and small animals! This week The Mack brings news that has been dropping at our parent site, Twitch Film, over the past week. Then we are joined once again by the inimitable James Marsh, in our weekly 3Dip. This time around Thom, Andrew, and James discuss the finer points of East meets West buddy pictures. The Man From Hong Kong, The Challenge, and Black Rain all go up on the block for a critical (and not so critical) look at how they compare, and which ones should sit on your video shelf. After that, it's The Man From Hong Kong director himself, the inimitable Aussie, hallowed action/exploitation director Brian Trenchard-Smith. Sean The Butcher and Thom pick Brian's brain about the aforementioned bi-cultural thrillfest, as well as some of his other work, including the amazing Siege At Firebase Gloria (now streaming on Netflix!) and his kids'n'BMX bikes classic BMX Bandits (just released in Blu Ray!!!) Give it up for Gareth Jones in London, who had the misfortune of being assigned attending the first ever UK installment of the After Dark horror festival (full of horrors and not a lot of festival from what we gather) As if that isn't enough, Mars Homeworld checks in with some breaking news, and Fangoria magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander checks in with his first Movie Minute, which is closer to five minutes really, but when you have a guy like Chris excited about a new film or TV series, you let him go. 'Aint no one complaining! Factor in music here and there, goofy sound bytes, bad audio mixing, and Sean's endearing lisp, and it could only be one show...


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Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, folks, the moment we've all been waiting for is here. Clean out your greasy ear holes and get ready for an introduction to the people behind "The Night Crew" - Episode 0 is here for your streaming pleasure!

In this episode meet some of the contributors, hear about upcoming Asian cinema, new TV you should be watching, get a triple dose of witchy goodness with a discussion on I Married A Witch/ Burn Witch Burn/Witchhammer, and get info on the recent HG Lewis documentary screening in NYC, and the Shinjuku Outlaw: 13 Films By Takashi Miike retrospective going on RIGHT NOW at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center. Also, hear the music of the damned, trailer interludes, and revel in the St. Vitus Dance for the ears that is THE NIGHT CREW!!!

And this isn't even an official episode! Look out for some way cool things coming up in future podcasts, and if you like what you hear (or even don't), let us know! Now, grab a beverage or inhalant of your choice, hit the play button below, sit back, and enjoy...

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Friday, March 11, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Introduction

Greetings victims. Welcome to the birthing of The Night Crew, a new multi-genre podcast centered around cinema culture. Staffed by some of the most knowledgeable film journalists in the business, TNC (The Night Crew) has contributors literally all over the world. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Seattle. New York City. Toronto. Hong Kong. London. We hope to be adding contributors from Tokyo and Spain as well very soon. We are also lucky to be joined by people such as writer and film producer Philip Nutman, and Fangoria editor-in-chief Chris Alexander, who will both ave ongoing "columns" here on TNC. Philip, The Unlikely Cowboy will doing a westerns film primer every episode, and Chris will be phoning in a capsule review of a film each week. Both add a special dash of magic and luncy to an already insane parade of professional movie geeks already half off their rockers. From assorted caves, dungeons, and undersea hideouts, we have Sean "The Butcher" Smithson (Fangoria/Twitch/Dread Central), Thom Carnell (Fangoria/Dread Central) James Marsh and Andrew Mack (Twitch), Heather Buckley (Fangoria/Dread Central), and Mars Homeworld (Dead House Music/Fangoria),  as core staff. Rounding out the proceeding will be the aforementioned sirs Nutman and Alexander, as well as Gareth Jones (Dread Central) and Sean Decker (Dread Central). As you see, there is no lack here of consummate pro's deeply immersed in the industry.

Given the nature of independent film distribution, and film festivals being the new "market" for our demographic, we here at TNC feel it is extremely important to have global staff, so we can bring you the latest and greatest as close to "real time" as we can get. Things to look forward to include coverage from the upcoming HKIFF (Hong Kong International Film Festival), exclusive interviews with some of the greatest in genre film-making, breaking news, in depth analysis of three films with some kind of connective tissue each episode, trailers, music mash-ups, and pretty much any other nutty stuff we can think up to entice, torment, and tickle you listeners with.

Please remember we are writers, not audio engineers, as well. We are learning as we go as far as the technical end of things, so bare with us, we promise it's going to only get better. Figuring out the site, server, RSS feed, converting files, editing...it's all been quite a task. regardless, our dedication to the art of cinema and the film going/watching experience is unequaled. The writers mantra is "Content content content", and one promise we can make to you now is that we indeed adhere to that.

Keep an eye open for updates. We will soon be announcing our roster of first round guests, and boy oh boy is it a doozy. Trust me. Directors, actors, make up FX artists, other renowned film jourono's and programmers. In a word, it's gonne be THE SHIT. Prepare yourselves.

As the show airs, please also feel free to email us your comments and suggestions at thenightcrewpodcast@gmail.com because we want your voice to be a part of the proceedings as well. TNC is taped and edited beforehand for the time being, and will drop on a weekly basis starting this coming Wednesday, March 16, 2011. Episode 0 is an extended introduction to our staff and contributors. After that, please check in weekly for new episodes. Again, we promise something very special. We are all very excited here at TNC. Please read the sites and contributors posts and articles, support the film going experience by getting out and putting ass-in-seat when there is something you feel is worth seeing, and keep your eyes peeled for anything you think may be good on the show. We are you. You are us.

So, at that, please enter freely and of your own will, and leave some of the happiness you bring behind. Come join us on The Night Crew.

~ The Butcher