Friday, May 13, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 6 - with David Del Valle

This time out, Thom and Sean The Butcher discuss some of the recent stuff they've been watching, Andrew Mack returns with the Twitch News Of The Week, Phillip Nutman aka The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy rides back in to throw out some love for The Proffessionals, and old time Hollywood expert and devout "Monster Kid" author David Del Valle dishes up recollections and tosses some divine dirt around about his time spent in the presence of some of THE greats of moviedom.
We also discuss David's new book LOST HORIZONS BENEATH THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN  where "David Del Valle, writer, curator, collector, and Hollywood historian, takes you on a first person tour of the man-made Shangri La beneath the Hollywood sign, ultimately descending into the smog-shrouded netherworld of Lost Horizons. His candid recollections prove to be a celebration of contrasts, as David hangs out with the reigning pop culture icons of the day, Timothy Leary, Christopher Isherwood, Terry Southern, and Kenneth Anger. David maintained a life-long passion for those artisans that created the Horror genre. He grew up as a monster-watching kid of the 1950s, watching those films unfold on television, and his interactions with genre personalities like Vampira, John Carradine, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Steele testify to his devotion to their legacy. The book also delves into his long relationships with Vincent Price and Curtis Harrington during twenty-five years of living in Beverly Hills, as well as unforgettable moments such as introducing Hermione Baddeley to the Avant Garde filmmaker Rainer Fassbinder in a West Hollywood leather bar while Martha Raye searched her purse for poppers. Ken Russell, one of David's favorite directors, was fond of reminding David "Every day in Tinsle town is Halloween." Enter the realm of Lost Horizons and discover that you are no longer a tourist. You are now one of the attractions."

Also. for some seriously prime reading, check David's web world outlets at THE DEL VALLE ARCHIVES blogspot, and over at Films In Review where his CAMP DAVID column is running. Seriously people, click over, it's addicting stuff, and you won't find anything else quite like it anywhere. You can trust this is not the last time you will be hearing Mr. Del Valle here on our show!


Plus we have the usual selection of schizophrenic music, trailers, and all the goofball antics that can only mean one thing...you are on THE NIGHT CREW!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Night Crew episode 5 - STAKE LAND!!!

Hide your liquor, and oput on protective gear because The Night Crew are back. After battling infectious disease, viral entities, and screwy ftp shenanigans, it seems that our special brand of depravity is indeed unstoppable.
This episode we are very proud and extremely happy to bring you listeners a show dedicated to the release of the new film STAKE LAND, an insaneley entertaining vampire apocalypse flick courtesy of writer/director Jim Mickle and co-writer/star Nick Damici. These two blew a hole in indy horror with their first feature film together, MULBERRY ST., and now with this sophomore effort they raise the stakes (har har) and really show what can be done on a small budget with creative direction and a good cast. STAKE LAND made the number one spot of my Top Ten at TWITCH FILM last season, and I really hope the world catches on to what I already know. Which would be the creative team of Mickle and Damici are a force to be reckoned with. Mark my words.

Also joining us are cast members Connor Paolo (from television's Gossip Girl, but you've never seen him like this), genre icon and all-around cool cat Danielle Harris, actor Sean Nelson (who you may remember as "Fresh" from the film of the same name), and genre lover Michael Cerveris who plays the baddie in STAKE LAND.

Plus, to throw a couple of extra garlic cloves into the salad, Thom and I reminisce about our favorite vampire films and share memories of a vampire obsessed childhood, and the lovable Mars Homeworld (of Dead House Music) calls in with a report on vampires and how they've changed throughout history.

All the regular columns will return next week, and we will be introducing new contributors Lee Gambin (Fangoria magazine) and Jessica Dwyer (Horror Hound magazine) over the next couple of weeks. next episode join us for a discussion with old Hollywood expert/author/all around awesome guy David Del Valle. You wanna hear some good stories about Tinseltown? Then you won't want to miss this one, trust me. This guy...is a cornucopia of walking history.

So grab a mop and help start cleaning up all this blood we spilled on The Night Crew - Operation: STAKE LAND.


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