Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 4 with Takashi Miike and Eric Red

Well, it's been one crazy week +, here at The Night Crew headquarters. We had a technical mishap that caused this episode to come in over the finish line late as hell, but when you see what we've brought home, we think you will be happy to have waited. Your patience, oh dear and valued listeners, is rewarded with a major coup in the form of a very rare audio interview with Japanese director extraordinaire, Takashi Miike. The man needs no introduction, legendary for his prolific and varied output, Mr. Miike is the man behind a massive grip of outright classics. ICHI THE KILLER. AUDITION. The DEAD OR ALIVE trilogy. FUDOH. THE GREAT YOKAI WARS. And the recent and critically acclaimed 13 ASSASSINS. It is more than an honor to have him with us, and our immense thanks goes to Mr. Miike and his people, as well as Andrew Mack, who did the piece, and Todd Brown at Twitch (one of our "parent" sites) who has been so gracious as to release it for your listening pleasure. It's raw and unedited, but well worth it. We figured it best to just leave that magical 30 minutes alone.
If that isn't already enough, we also have genre stalwart writer/director Eric Red joining our own Philip Nutman for some extra western movies love. You'll remember Eric as the driving force behind ass kickers like NEAR DARK, THE HITCHER, BAD MOON, COHEN AND TATE, and the recent 100 FEET. Wether it's writing. directing, or oth, Mr. Red always delivers solid scares and fun flicks. Watch this man's movies...or I kick you in zee nuts!
Todd Brown also joins James Marsh in a discussion of a couple more titles from the recent Hong Kong International Film Festival, Thom and Sean The Butcher discuss what they've been checking out over the past week, Phil, The Worlds Most Unlikely Cowboy returns once again, and our beloved Fangoria bossman, editor-in-chief Chris Alexander, takes time from preparing his lovely boy Elliot some lunch, to discuss the finer points of James Wan's INSIDIOUS.

Enter freely...and of your own will!


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                   MIIKE IS IN THE HOUSE AND ON THE NIGHT CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode Three with...YOUR FACE!

This episode we keep it basic, as The Crew gears up for a couple of big shows to follow. Your hosts Sean The Butcher and Thom Carnell discuss what has been making their "big toe wiggle" over the last week. Andrew Mack brings some international cinema news from the wonderful TWITCH FILM. New York and London correspondents Heather Buckley and Gareth Jones bring the quiet storm with a double feature discussion of Monster Mash flicks WAXWORKS 2 and HIGHWAY TO HELL. Author, madman, and "The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy" Philip Nutman continues his Wild Wild Westerns primer. Then last, but not least, FANGORIA editor-in-chief Chris Alexander bends time with his iron will and biting insight with the Movie Minute: Extended Edition, in which he discusses Italian horror.
Toss in trailers, goofball antics, music, and that endearing lisp of Sean's yet again and it can only be one thing... THE NIGHT CREW!


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Watch images and trailers from the shows latest news and what The Crew have been watching below.

Go HERE for more images at TWITCH FILM for BLIND ALLEY!



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