Friday, August 5, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 12 - Michael Biehn: Apocalyptic Bad Ass

Good things are worth waiting for, and in this unexpectedly delayed episode of The Night Crew (apologies listeners! no worries though, we aint goin' nowhere!) we finally have the opportunity to introduce new staffer Jessica Dwyer. If you are a horror geek, her name indeed may already be familiar to you. She is a writer over at Horror Hound magazine, where she's been a scribe since the second issue. She knows her stuff, trust in that, and we are really happy to have her. Rocking. Jessica and I talk about the work of 70's terror television maverick Dan Curtis, including the recently announced remakes of his hallowed horrors, and we examine a couple of titles in particular, his adaption of Dracula, and his often overlooked, and incredibly creepy The Norliss Tapes. Thom comes to the party with that uber bad ass, actor Michael Biehn. Yep. John Connor's Dad beotches! he's in the house to talk about his new post-apocalyptic trip in director Xavier Gens' The Divide, which is looking mighty good if you ask me.

Of course we have Andrew Mack with a still timely dose of Twitch News Of The Week, Philip Nutman, aka The World's Most Unlikely Cowboy, kicks up his spurs once again, talking the new micro-budget western, The Scarlett Worm. More you ask? Well, last but not least, our own Toronto treasure, Fangoria edotir-in-chief Chris Alexander crosses his fingers for Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes to hold true to the good word on the street.

It's mean! It's lean! It's HELLA late! It's episode 12 of The Night Crew!


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