Thursday, March 31, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode Two with Steven R. Monroe

Welcome back to the Night Crew for episode two! We are a little bit late crossing the finish line with this weeks episode, and getting a little closer to knowing what the hell we are doing. The meat on the menu this time around includes an interview  with I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE redux director Steven R. Monroe, Thom Carnell and Sean "The Butcher" Smithson chop it up about what they've been viewing in the past week, and get into three movies about assholes from outer space, and the Alien Threat. There is also the Man from Hong Kong himself, James Marsh phoning in about his ongoing orgiastic Hong Kong International Film Festival experience, Andrew Mack drops in with his Twitch news of the week, and author Philip Nutman begins his weekly primer series on western flicks. Of course it is all Spackled and polished with random bits of insanity and goofing off, but har har, we are our own bosses...we can be insane and goof all we want to...fuck the world! We are THE NIGHT CREW!


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode Two of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!

THE ALIEN THREAT - Three Movies About Assholes From Outer Space

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