Thursday, June 23, 2011

THE NIGHT CREW Episode 8 - The Del Valle That Ate Hollywood!!!

Yep. Sean "The Butcher" here, and we had to have our pal David Del Valle back for a quick encore. We had so much fun talking to this wonderful author, journalist, and historian of all things cinematic a couple episodes back that we had to have him on again, and right quick. Mr. Del Valle updates us on the Pricentennial, a St. Louis event in honor of what would have been the venerable thespian's 100'th birthday, which he hosted along with Miss Victoria Price. Our chat touches on some tender subjects, but we hope you listener's understand how truly we all love Mr. Price. Not only for his contributions to the world of stage and cinema, but also to the arts as a whole. An altruist and an absolute gentleman, we are honored to have someone who knew him well take the time to sit with us, and tell us about a Master we no longer have the dream of meeting someday.

We are also very excited to finally introduce to you our Melbourne, Australia contributor Lee Gambin. Lee is a regular contributor to FANGORIA Magazine, and runs the Sissies And Sluts Theater group, a goofy, gory, and dangerously smart bunch of people running amok on the stage floors of Melbourne. A creative dynamo, we are super proud to call Lee one of The Night Crew, and sincerely look forward to giving him a forum in which to rant from his mouth to your lucky ears.
Be afraid.
Be very, very afraid.
We talk with lee about his background, and then get into a double feature slam, in which this time around we discuss two very renowned rock musicals. THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE from 1975, and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA from 2008. We are bound to piss some people off, and make some people laugh. Hearts and a hornets nest with this one folks.

Also, as usual, we also have author Philip Nutman kicking up dirt with his Wild Wild Westerns Primer column, this week going back to the original version of TRUE GRIT featuring The Duke. Also, FANGORIA editor-in-chif Chris Alexander treads dangerous waters this week with his Movie-MORE-Than-A-Minute, as he waxes nostalgic about that aquatic atrocity from '83, JAWS 3-D!!! As if that wasn't enough to make a monkey masturbate, Thom and I discuss what we've been watching over the past week or so, commenting on J.J. Abrams' SUPER 8, the documentary INSIDE JOB, Matthew Vaughn's triumphant X-MEN FIRST CLASS, bad-ass Jason Statham in THE MECHANIC, and others. Sadly, an idiot lineman and a little bit of fate intervened, and we will not be having the TWITCH News Of The Week. Andrew mack's cable line was cut through by an overzealous phone company worker, and TWITCH main man Todd Brown was knocked out of pinch hitting due to the stormy temper of Mother Nature. So, even though they are indeed missed, TWITCH and Andrew Mack will return next week.

So sally forth, and enjoy episode 8...of THE NIGHT CREW!


If you'd rather carry us with you, then click here to download Episode 8 of the show as an Mp3 to load onto the player of your choice!



  1. You never know what you will feature that will get you a couple of new fans here and there...Thanks to a link on Paul Gardikis's LAST HOUSE ON FACEBOOK LANE page, I got lured here by promises of chatting with DAVID DEL VALLE about Vincent Price (only my all-time horror hero), and reminiscing about my all-time favorite horror/comedy/musical, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. I am now officially...HOOKED ON THE NIGHT CREW!!!

  2. BTW - I forget which one of you guys is the die-hard "PHANTOM Phan" and which one was kind of "meh" about it, but here's a link you both may find interesting nevertheless:


  3. Samuel THANKS TONS! Little mails and messages like this make it all worth it. So glad you are digging the show. :)